Day_083 - Ingo Vetter / Annette Weisser - Controlled Atmosphere #10 Resite (CD)


  1. Control Act (Title 22, U.S.C. SEC et seq) or Executive Order Violations of these export laws are subject to severe criminal penalties. DESTRUCTION NOTICE. - For unclassified, limited documents, destroy by any method that will prevent disclosure of contents or reconstruction of the document.
  2. [] T*’ S’2+’3 CDTA C/+%#4+.) C#2$/. D+/8+&’ D’4’%4/2 combines the function of three room sensors into a single, compact housing. Parameters include carbon dioxide, hum i d ty, ep r an sow v.B gf lc b.
  3. 7 NEA Deposit Manifold Control Panel 9 8 Bay Oxygen Concentration Data for the Balanced Inerting Test in the Cross-Vented Configuration 15 9 Weighted Average Tank Oxygen Concentration Data for the Balanced Deposit Method for 93%, 95%, and 98% NEA 15 10 Comparison of Previous Data With Weighted Average Tank Oxygen.
  4. Direct Gas Fired Heated Make Up Air Unit with 10" Blower A1-DG10D Direct Drive Direct Fired Heater Unit with 10" Blower in Size #1 Housing with speed control, disconnect switch. A1-DG10 Direct Gas Fired Heated Make Up Air Unit with 10" Blower A1-DG10D.
  5. 2-Ethylhexanol ethoxylate 3 - 10 % Sodium cumene sulfonate 1 - 5 % tetrasodium ethylene diamine tetraacetate 1 - 3 % 4. First-aid measures Description of first aid measures Remove contaminated soaked clothing immediately. If threatening unconsciousness, position and transport in recovery position.
  6. Designed for use with VAC input. Approximate current draw (in Amps). • 1 year bulb life (9, hours) • Lowest available mercury content for ease of disposal ( mg) • On/Off cycles per lamp • Ballast has auto re-strike feature and thermal protection • Maximum pressure drop of " of water @ FPM.
  7. IAI America, Inc. Effective 10/01/09 - 12/31/09 REVISIONS since 10/01/08 RCL Micro Slider added. Compatible Controllers: ACON, ASEL RCP3/RCA2 Motor Folded Type added. PSEL/ASEL/SSEL Network Option added, SSEL-DV/CC option price revised from $ to $ REVISIONS since 7/01/08 RCP2 Rotary Small and Large Type added. NS/LSA NS/LSA-ISA .
  8. Unitary Products Group N1VS VARIABLE SPEED AIR HANDLER UNIT (“X” MODELS) HVAC SERVICE PARTS Supersedes Rev.A () Rev. B ().
  9. Safety Data Sheet WHMIS Classification WHMIS classification is not included based on the recommended option (Option 4) found in the Canada Gazette Part II, Vol. , No.3, page

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